Drawing installation with graphite and color pencil drawings on paper, and books.

Kunsthaus Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany. 2020

Moving through different mediums (in this case from photo to drawing) is a strategy I
embrace constantly in my work. The hand labor is an action that brings images that belong
to another time to my own. In Searching for an animal with no-name the drawings were
made projecting the photos from the Amazon rainforest forest floor in a crooked way and
copied by drawing. 
I copied three stretched images with graphite and color pencils. As irregular support for the
drawings, I use piles of books with no visible titles that I have been collecting from the
streets of Germany.
Once I read that books are the memory of humanity, they are closely connected with the
idea of archiving, knowledge, and secrets. Nature doesn't exist for us before we name it.
As a civilization, we obsessively categorized our surroundings.