Galleri Ask 21. mai – 5. juni

«Garden of Susanna»

In the year 2021, I received corona support for a visual artist. The money was spent on the following:  3 readings of my astral chart with astrologers in Colombia and Sweden (Zoom), 2 sessions with an energy healer, homeopathic herbs, 5 consultations with a psychotherapist (Zoom), membership at XConfessions webpage (1 month), microdosing (3 months), tarot- card reading ayurvedic nutrition consultation, 10 nights at Gardermoen Thon- hotel in corona isolation, 5 nights at a beach hotel in southern Spain, synthetic hormones, 2 bottles of mescal, 8 sessions of acupuncture and Chinese medicine consultation, 2 books from Ursula K. Le Quin, 2 books from Octavia E. Butler, 4 books called Psychomagic, Visual dictionary of Sex, Healing Path, and Healing Mind.

Taru Kallio works with ideas of mythology, body and collective unconscious, merging them with fictive and real personal memories. In this project her starting point is a long-term research on body, healing and holistic knowledge. She has been influenced by myths such as "Susanna and the elders" and "Lilith", science fiction as a contemporary mythology, and research on early female mystics and healers.