Drawing installation with graphite and color pencil drawings on paper, ultramarine blue wall
paint and magnets.

Hordaland Kunstsenter/ Archipelago. Bergen, Norway. 2017

- The paper is getting slightly wet. I fold it from corner to corner, open it up and place two
ends so that they meet in the middle. I turn it and do the same for the other side de. Then I
turn the corners inwards so that they touch each other in the middle. I squeeze it with my
fingertips to make it tight and firm. When opening it, I feel how it loses its shape and starts
to melt. I have powder on my fingers.
- 22nd of March, a plane crashed to the thicket. It fell through the treetops and drew a 400-
meter long trail on the ground of the forest. The plane began to burn after it crashed. The
search for leftover material from the passengers continued for days. Among many dried
leaves and branches a book titled “Hvor ingen vei forer tilbake” was found. 
- In a room painted black she is sitting holding one hand close to her face and one close to
her crotch. There is a strange smell as well, something between humans and animals, but
not quite either.
Then it touches her cheek quickly and disappears. Then it comes back to touch her cheek
again and slap it a little. She feels a circulating feeling around her, a bit erotic but highly
uncomfortable, a bit cold when it touches her skin.
 There was the soft sound of ringing bells. The tissue was from an animal or a human, a
soft material with a strange smell on it.